July 01, 2016

Redefining Urban in Honolulu

Park Lane Honolulu

How do you re-imagine paradise? VITA's creative team rose to this challenge by making a garden paradise the heart of the home and by building a gracious community around it. Working with a team of renowned designers, VITA took the concept of a high rise and turned it on its side for an elegantly appointed condominium community on Oahu, Hawaii. The result is Park Lane Ala Moana-a lush vertical community in urban Honolulu boasting magnificent ocean views and cool trade breezes. "Part of the inspiration for the building was the rice terraces that you would see in Asia. Those influenced how the building form steps down gracefully, interacting with the edge of the property," explained Don Vita, Principal Landscape Architect for the project. "We took it a little further with this inspiration. For example, we created an art walk-the main circulation path connecting the homes and created a lush garden pathway, almost like you are in a green cathedral with bamboo and Areca palms arching overhead, and dapple light filtering through to create a truly memorable space. The result is a feeling of graciousness and an open environment with a seamless transition between interior and exterior."

Striving to evoke the indoor/outdoor lifestyle that epitomizes Hawaii, lanais were designed as the heart of the homes allowing families to enjoy the unique Hawaiian trade winds. The loving care and thoughtfulness that have gone into the project make the homes "feel like a respite amidst this metropolitan hub. It becomes a place to recharge and to reconnect with what is important in your life. " Vita credits his time living in Hawaii and lessons of humility and graciousness that were learned while there as influencers on the design. "The textures, the colors, the scents-all of that combines and finds its way into the work we do. Those sort of details are the things that make places special. People understand that someone has lovingly thought about those things and tried to get them implemented-it's hard to get projects built well these days-and if you can really execute well, then people appreciate that. Because you've been respectful and because you've put love into it, then that often comes back to those places. And people love them. "

"There is no question that Park Lane is a beautifully crafted community and will have lasting value as a result of the 'lovingness' that went into it." 

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