Defining Our Culture

Follow along for updates and an inside look at our culture and process.

The Vita Way

Every firm says they are different. At VITA, we believe character is everything. We take pride in our approach and our results speak for themselves. 90% of our work during the past two decades has been the result of word of mouth recommendations!


Today we are launching our new website to showcase our work and to help you learn more about our firm and our people. Whether you are working directly with Don Vita, our principals, project managers or designers, you will hopefully see how the “VITA Way” guides everything we do.


We make sure we are adding value in the short-term and the long-term. The value of great design should be experienced in the ambience it creates, and quantified in the financial returns it generates now and for years to come. Our team combines international design experience and a global mindset to our stakeholders, with a strong, practical approach that delivers robust returns. Our design has consistently exceeded the short- and long-term financial returns our clients have expected from their real estate.

We go beyond luxury and the trend of the moment. We understand creative and buildable solutions not only elevate economic returns, but will establish the resort as a leader in the global hospitality destination real estate market. VITA’s expertise in designing and implementing state-of-the-art environments to create solutions that are above and beyond trends is well-known. Our designs move the luxury needle on a global level.

Your project is our passion. Whether your project is in Mexico, Hawaii or the Middle East, our passion for delivering at the highest level can be experienced throughout the world. We are currently creating amazing places for Rosewood Halfmoon Bay in Antigua, Cabo del Sol in Mexico, Amangiri in Utah and Ward Village in Hawaii.

We believe strongly in forming relationships and the power of collaboration.  ​VITA is a boutique size firm and as such, your project team is composed of our most senior and skilled staff. Over the years, when our team members collaborate with clients, we’ve created unforgettable destinations and communities of which we all are proud.

While the decade is off to an unexpected bumpy start, we are still working closely with our clients on projects around the world. We hope you enjoy our new website and we look forward to hearing from you if you have an upcoming project.


Culture and Core Values


We are big believers that a company’s culture needs to grow organically; it can’t be willed upon employees. Everyone defines culture a bit differently. At VITA, we believe that culture equals character. . We believe that how you walk, talk and act is a reflection of yourself and the whole firm.


While we believe culture can’t be forced, we do believe core values help set the framework for an organic culture to form. In our year end meeting, we shared our core values with all our employees. They have never been crystalized before and while you won’t find them hanging on our office walls, we are using them in our everyday communication with one another.



  • Humility: We are all a work in progress – we have 2 ears and 1 mouth for a reason. Listen, learn and be open to new ideas and possibilities.
  • Passion: The passion we exude for our work, and the creative life we lead, must be palpable. This is the way we created great places.
  • Integrity: Our actions are guided by our moral compass – one that is founded upon respect. Be true to our colleagues, our clients, and the VITA brand but, most importantly to yourself.
  • Empathy: Seek to understand and feel the experience of others – we will be  a better designer, and people, for it.


As we transitioned from an in-office company to a virtual company overnight, our employee’s passion was on full display.  As procedures were shifting daily due to the nature of information being shared by the CDC and our local County offices, our leaders communicated daily with clients and their teams to make sure deadlines were met. Clients knew how to reach us and made sure they did not experience a drop in service. This was not easy as we were also concerned about taking care of our families and adapting to the shelter-in-place reality.


Throughout the month, our employees shared their experiences and stories by submitting an email to recognize employees for living and displaying our core values. These stories are shared at our monthly all hands meetings and it has quickly turned into one of my favorite parts of these gatherings. With all the submissions we received this past month, we may need to schedule a session just to share all these wonderful stories of gratitude and thanks.