Photo Courtesy of Discovery Land Company


Our team of master planners and community designers has been focused on the art of crafting new communities as a core service offered by our company. Our belief is that a community, whether resort or primary home, should reflect the history, culture, and character of the site as well as its local and regional context. Drawing inspiration from these elements and weaving them into the fabric of a new community is what creates neighborhood identity and a sense of place right from the beginning. It also ensures that the communities we design will be relevant to today’s users as well as future generations.



From golf courses and club settings to streetscapes, parks and community open spaces, our landscape architects bring the developer’s vision to life by creating distinctive, memorable spaces. To guide this process, our team provides complete, comprehensive construction documents at the industry’s highest level for all projects, regardless of scale. This attention to detail and dedication to quality have enabled us to successfully design and implement large- and small-scale landscape projects in 23 different countries and many different climates.



We understand the business of real estate – from managing entitlement risk or peak capital to sales and marketing – and have helped our clients sell over $20 billion of residential real-estate products since the firm’s inception. Working closely with our clients’ in-house teams, we assist in evaluating the potential for each project, helping to craft appropriate business models. This experience gives us the ability to view a project from a master-planning level and helps us understand how its vision can be reflected in the detailed architecture, site planning and landscape design to get the best results for the developer. Accordingly, we emphasize complete, comprehensive construction documents, often placing a firm representative in the field to act as a member of the owner’s construction management team.



We specialize in master-planning concept architecture which requires very early community buildings to be presented in order to more fully express the project’s vision. Using concept architecture, such as this, during the early planning phases ensures the appropriate areas are set aside for unique community buildings. It also allows us to better define the style and location of developer-built real estate products.